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Mass Data Update and Data Extraction Tools and Utilities:

Automate data import into SAP with no programming!!

SAP systems are complex and a great deal of money is wasted on simple every day updates such as pricing, product number changes, employee information changes, customer addresses......

Winshuttle – Winshuttle has saved the SAP account base over $53 million dollars in squandered staff costs & other non-value added work to date!!

Winshuttle provides the means to make mass data updates to SAP, without having to cross train your team on SAP. This saves a great deal of money and time. It also provides the means to get the data out of SAP for financial reporting.

Winshuttle is used by over 800 SAP accounts around the World.

Winshuttle respects all SAP security and is an excellent tool.

Winshuttle is a Gold SAP partner company


Simplify SAP extracts and reporting!!

Getting data out of SAP for normal business reporting does not need to be difficult or expensive. Unfortunately many professionals are very dependent on either ABAP staff, nasty tools like CAAT, LSMW or being reduced to copying & pasting data to spread sheets; just to stage the data to do a job. Those approaches are crazy expensive and do not work very well.

Use of Winshuttle's Query product ends the perversions of copy & paste and gets the SAP users the data they need in a very easy and inexpensive way.

This is a compelling product.


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