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Budgeting and Forecasting

Spreadsheet’s ugly truth revealed:

  • Spreadsheets require constant management review and reconciliation of everybody's work. No company ever earned additional margin, nor has anybody ever earned a big bonus by being a spreadsheet serf.
  • The looming risk of loading and acting on the wrong data from the wrong period… It happens every day! Margins are under such pressure, that this error can costs jobs!
  • The cost & risk of constant spreadsheet maintenance. = Formulas get corrupted, prices change, hierarchies change…. This process is expensive, stressful and prone to error even when people really try to get it right.
  • The haunting cost of margin lost and money squandered because analysis just does not get done. The few staff you have currently can't analyze the data, due to lack of time. All they can deliver is basic financials, and that is just not good enough in this economic climate.
  • The lack of staff development and turnover costs. Because the smart ones you really want to keep will just leave and find a place that allow them to think, grow, contribute, and earn that good living everybody seeks.
  • Your competition is also looking for ways to: Cut costs, cut the non-analytic head count, discover trends that make money, understand the customers that used to belong to you, and consolidate the market….= You are losing to your competition if you use spreadsheets.
  • Spreadsheets are a perversion. They = business and career failure.