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Serious professionals need to move off spreadsheets because...

Millions of dollars are squandered every day on spreadsheet janitorial work. Spreadsheet janitorial work is any effort put into: Data movement, copying & pasting, backing up data to a spreadsheet….software is the tool for this, not expensive smart humans. In addition there is honestly no way a human can keep up with the volume of analytics required in today’s business environment.

There is no way to sugar coat it, if you are using spreadsheets for any analytics or any reporting you are losing to you competition and wasting your companies money.

(20% of your finance / mgmt. staff costs + 20% of your supply chain staff costs + 20% of your sales operations staff costs ) = The minimum cost of subsisting on spreadsheets instead of professional reporting systems. The cost savings in this element alone often covers the cost of a project. It also positions your company to drive profits higher instead of just surviving.